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At Bridgeway Properties, We specialize in high-rise and multi-family code inspections. Our professional inspectors have served as former Code Enforcement Officers, Building Inspectors, Property Maintenance and Zoning Inspectors. We have extensive experience in interior and exterior inspections of Hotel/Motel, Apartments and condos. Our promise to you is that we will provide thorough and detailed inspections that will help you identify weak points and pass required municipal inspections.

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Why Are Apartment Inspections Important?

These type of inspections are in place to ensure landlords are leasing units that don't pose life safety issues and that the property is up to code, in fact a number states and local municipalities are requiring Landlords to obtain third-party inspections on 20% of units yearly. 

When you partner with Bridgeway Properties we go the extra mile to make sure your property is in compliance with State and Local laws. Our qualified inspectors will make determinations on the quality of your property to make sure it is habitable. 

After we complete your inspection, a report is provide to you and we also handle the submission to the city or county where your complex resides.

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