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We go above and beyond to make sure your properties are maintained in a way that does not pose a threat to the quaility of life for neighbors in the community.

Bridgeway Properties work with banks, mortgage companies, investors and owners to ensure that the properties they manage are preserved and maintained in a manner that complies with regulatory guidelines for loan type as well as any code compliance legislation for the area.  We work with our qualified vendors to secure your properties, remove any debris, conduct regular lawn maintenance and winterize when necessary.  We share a common goal of getting a property into conveyance condition.

Preservation & Maintenance Services We Offer

Lawn Maintenance

We perform all of the necessary lawn maintenance to maintain a healthy  appearance for your properties, we work hard to prevent further degradation to the grounds and relieve the property of any existing or potential violation of local ordinance. Lawn maintenance includes mowing the lawn, weeding, edge trimming, sweeping of all paved areas (sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.) and removal of all lawn clippings, related cuttings and incidental debris.

Bridgeway also provides a monthly grass cutting program, where we maintain the grounds at your property. We will continue maintaining the grounds at the property until instructed to remove the property from the program.


Initial Secure

Secure property by changing ayn entry lock, locking all windows and doors, winterizing to the applicable specifications and maintaining the exterior grounds, when in season.



Winterize the plumbing at each property to prevent freeze damage, according to the investor requirements for each loan type.


Lock Change

Lock changes at each property to the key code according to the regulatory requirements and/or client requirements.


Debris Removal

This property preservation service authorizes BPG to remove interior, exterior and/or hazardous debris at each property based on client requirements and/or the investor specifications for each loan type.


Pool Securing

We secure each pool or hot tub based on the regulatory requirements for the applicable loan type. This could include covering, decking, screening, pumping water out of the pool, chemical treatment and/or padlocking the pool gate, if required.


Additional Property Preservation Types

Additional Property Preservation Types Include:

  • Allow Access

  • Re-Secure