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A video camera pipe inspection allows for a real time non-invasive visual inspection of underground sewer or drain lines to determine if your pipes are damaged or clogged.

A Bridgeway sewer scope inspection can be the difference between a $200 minor repair job and a $12,000 major over haul. Our mission is to give you an accurate independent report on the condition of your sewer line, so when you finally call that contractor you know exactly the issues of concern and won't be trapped into over paying.

So Whats Covered?

We conduct a comprehensive in depth inspection of your sewer line following the Internachi Standards of Practice. All of our sewer scope inspections are conducted with the latest and greatest in technology. 

Problems we look for!



Cast iron pipes corrode from the interior. To the average homeowner won't realize until it is too late. Corrosion creates weak points that usually develops leaks or cracks which can cause raw sewage to leak into your home.



Cracks can occur in both new and old systems. Driving heavy equipment over areas where Pipes where laid recently can cause damage. Also over time your foundation settles and  causes compression of the pipes. 


Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause major issues which result in complete blockages and cracks in lines. Roots thrive on nutrients flowing through the sewer system and can spread large distances from trees. 



Blockages is the most common occurrence in sewer lines, debris ranges from tissue to toys. These materials can be a major headache if allowed to buildup.

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